I am Jeannette Werle, and I 'm passionate about health coaching, baking-pastry chef, life loving and I'm ready to help you develop healthier life style, be happier and teach you to eat, cook nutritious, delicious foods.

Health is a journey and not a destination!


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Welcome to Health Journey Coaching 4U


I am Jeannette Werle a passionate certified integrated health coach, professionally trained recipe developer with the mission to support you in every step to improve the quality of your life and health.

No gimmicks or diets!

Certified Integrated Health Coach (CIHC, DH)


Health Journey Coaching 4 U

Health Coaching Support Program for Physical Symptoms-Dayton,Ohio

Anyone  facing symptoms such as:

Food sensitivities

Intestinal permeability 

Gut issues


Hair loss

Fragile or brittle fingernails

Lack of energy



Pale dry skin

Increased sensitivity to cold,but can fluctuate to hot spells

Unexplained weight gain 

Muscle weakness

Anxiety and depression

Memory lapses

Muscle aches or tenderness

Plus many other symptoms

Learn food permissable food pairings 

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Hablamos Español

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Transform your body with support. Learn to detox your emotions and home, eat, food pairings, and be healthy.

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Find recipes mostly paleo, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, sugar free, refined sugar free, alternative healing modalities, supplement recommendations and much more in my blog.

Health coaching to help you reverse poor health

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